This Deep Dark Chocolate' Brown is our deepest brown color.  Great rich color.  We love all the browns. They are great for winter and fall.


Unbelievable Machine Weft Hair Extensions

  • Straight Texture
  • Color: 2
  • Length: 18"-1 Bundle
  • Length: 20"-1 Bundle
  • Length 22" -1 Bundle
  • 100 Grams

 – Machine weft is very durable.

–  Keep clean with clarifying shampoo and moisturizing conditioners.  Detangle and airdry up to 75% before heat drying or heat styling for best results.


Unbelievable Hand Tied Weft Hair Extensions

  • Straight Texture
  • Color: 2
  • Length: 18″ – 4 Bundles
  • Length: 20" - 3 Bundles
  • Length: 22″ – 3 Bundles
  • 55 Grams

– Hand Tied weft shouldn’t be cut at all.  

– When cutting the loose ends of the hand tied weft, be sure not to cut too close to the knot as it will cause the extensions to unravel and shed.

Dark Coffee #2

SKU: 0006
  • Unbelievable Hair is hand selected  remy hair. Our lightweight technology feels effortless in the hair.  Our hair has more hair in the bundle which means not as much clip in pieces.  Our seamless clip ins blends perfectly with your natural hair concealing the clip ins naturally.  Our Volume Clip technology gives you more hair for your bucks. Hair is colored for vibrant shine with a matte luster that glean from the inside out.  Our hair looks and feel like your own healthy hair without damaging your own hair.

    Our hair extensions provide premium hair extension experience. Hair can be treated as your own hair.  Take care not to use to much heat and to use professional products on your premium luxury hair extensions.

    7 pieces

    Full from root to tip

    Super light weight clip in technology

    140 grams of hair